General Translation Services

General Translations

For written general translation services GlasgowTranslate offers price bundles, based on the length of the material to be translated and the time frame for the order implementation.

All prices are calculated based on the total number of words translated.

Standard rates per word translated varies depending on the specifics of the text between £0.10 and £0.16, effecting an average rate of £0.12 per word.

Discounts may be negotiated depending on the specifics of the translation.

The time-frame which you prefer for implementation of the job is an important factor for price calculation of the translation job. As you may suggest, urgent translations are more expensive, since they require tasks' rescheduling and prioritization.

We make general translations from or into English, Bulgarian, Polish and Russian languages.

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If you want to receive an offer for your general translation, please contact us by e-mail or phone. We will be pleased to send you our offer in a short time.

Each client is unique for us. You will receive our proposal, elaborated upon your specific needs.

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